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SBC Global Email is the outcome of unification among AT&T and Yahoo. SBC Global offers voice, internet and overseas communication services along with the access to all the features of Being one of the leading communication organizations globally, it offers a diverse range of technology offerings namely 4G networks, landline services and Wi-Fi. SBC Global email is a web based email service hosted by AT&T aimed at providing strong and blooming features to its customers so that its consumers can judge the distinction among two similar web based services.
The connection between SBC Global, Yahoo and AT&T might look intricate in the beginning but it is simpler in practical terms. The combination of SBC Global with AT&T and Yahoo mail itself makes it more than just a simple website to access. Most importantly the key features that attract customers towards its Email services are its security and rapidity. Accessing services on SBC Global gives you ease of services that were managed by you on different platforms.
SBC Global Email has diverse features that can be adjusted according to the requirement of the consumers.

Features of SBC Global Email

  • 1. Customizable homepages.
  • 2. Security.
  • 3. Promptness.
  • 4. Spam blocker.
  • 5. Huge address book.
  • 6. Easy backups.
  • 7. Ability to sign in through Yahoo!
  • 8. Utilizing Yahoo sites w.e.f. Instant messenger, Flickr, Yahoo.

Establishing or Creating Your Email Account on SBC Global

Establishing an email account on SBC Global Email is not a hard hitting job. Before setting up the account here’s all you need to know about SBC Global:
  • 1. If you are trying to set up your own email program like Mac Mail or Outlook then in that case open up the setting window or Email Programs Preferences and enter the information you entered while creating the account.
  • 2. Your email address is your username.
  • 3. Enter different mail servers for incoming and outgoing.
  • 4. Use POP3 for incoming and SMTP for outgoing mails in the server names under the setting or preferences tab.
  • 5. for incoming server and as outgoing server is recommended by AT&T.
  • 6. In case of issues some legacy servers are used; for incoming mail and for outgoing mail.
Just follow the below mentioned steps and you are all set to enjoy the services offered by SBC Global.
  • 1. Open
  • 2. Go to Tools section.
  • 3. Click on Account Settings.
  • 4. Click on the Email tab.
  • 5. Go to the top section of the toolbar.
  • 6. Choose the New bar.
  • 7. Generate a display name.
  • 8. The inserted email address should be in the form of
  • 9. The POP3 account type requires to be opted
  • 10. Enter as incoming mail server
  • 11. Enter as outgoing mail server
  • 12. Click Finish to close out of the email wizard
  • 13. Select the Outgoing Server
  • 14. Enter 995 as incoming mail server port
  • 15. Enter 465 as outgoing mail server port
  • 16. Hence, outgoing server requires authentication has to be selected
  • 17. Your email ID and password have to be entered now
  • 18. Create and enter a password that can be remembered easily
  • 19. Save your settings; Click the OK button
  • 20. Click the FINISH button

How to Access SBC Global Email?

It’s an easy and trouble free process to access your email online. This procedure includes few simple steps to get into it.
  • 1. Go to
  • 2. Click on “Sign In” at the top right column
  • 3. Enter your details (Email id and password)
  • 4. Click Sign In or Enter to access your account.
SBC Global Email is widely used due to its well known host range providing services to its customers. AT& is the URL where you can easily access your email account as well as Yahoo mail. The platform is easy to access and comprised of simple site settings that offers ease of use if done right.

Changing Your Account Profile

Your account allows you to alter the secret code or password for your primary email account. It also allows you to add up to 10 supplementary sub-accounts and each sub-account has a discrete email address with its own password. In short you can easily set up individual accounts for your family, friends or colleagues. Select “Profile” under AT&T account management tab. The same tab requires to be accessed for password recoveries in case you forgot the password by just clicking on forget password and entering the required details. SBC Global Technical Support has also commenced a reliable helpline channel that is always there for you in case you require any assistance. The helpline number can be easily accessed from website and contacting the Support team will help you in every manner they can whether it is related to technical issue or non technical one. So, need not to worry if you are facing a trouble in the alteration of your account information.

Email Settings for SBC Global Email Account

If you really want to make a full use of SBC Global email, it is essential to know the settings that are required and applicable for it. Many people get confused about the settings and end up getting frustrated. SBC Global email is one of the email domains presented by AT&T.
  • 1. SBC Global email server domain setting: The email server domain required for accessing setting for SBC Global email is
  • 2. SBC Global POP Server/Port setting: The POP Server/Port setting for SBC Global is with 995 being the port number.
  • 3. SBC Global SMTP server/port setting: The SMTP Server/Port setting for SBC Global is with 465 being the port number.
  • 4. SBC Global POP3 user ID/username: The appropriate POP3 user ID/username for SBC Global acquires the format of
  • 5. Whether SBC Global requires SSL: mail does entail SSL. All the email domains under AT&T stable entail SSL.
  • 6. Protocol type required for SBC Global: POP3

Where the SBC Global email server settings are liable to be functional?

SBC global email setting is liable to be functional when you are setting up your email. As there are different procedures for Microsoft Outlook or Mac you require getting a note of every setting before accessing up the SBC Global Email.
What I you require further help?
For any kind of further help related to setting or any technical support all you need is to visit the email support section or you can connect to the customer service contact number for addressing any issues related to it.
Benefits of having the right Email Settings:
  • 1. SBC Global provides high speed internet.
  • 2. Quick and Reliable Communication Services.
  • 3. Fastest and trouble free access to your SBC Global Email account.
  • 4. Access to all the features and functions required to ease the access.
  • 5. Backs up your emails with essential security features.
  • 6. Transferring heavy files through mail.
  • 7. Right email settings let you access your mobile data statements, calls and contacts.
With the list of advantages there may exist some disadvantages of the same as well. There are a few issues encountered by the consumers while using this service. But these can be resolved as well by easily contacting the technical support team. Because despite of the encountered issues by the customers AT&T and SBC Global is considered as the leading service provider.
Issues Encountered with SBC Global email
Commonly encountered issues are:
  • 1. Accessing the SBC Global email account.
  • 2. SBC Global email is not working.
  • 3. Unable to send/receive emails in my SBC Global email account
  • 4. Issues with account settings
  • 5. SBC Global emails viewing server error
  • 6. Unable to locate the login page of SBC Global email.
The encountered issues have resolutions too as the advantages of connecting with customer service helpline number are manifold. Getting confused and using your mind just to settle the error might take your lot of time and if there comes no conclusion then it is certainly going to spoil the whole mood. That is why the customer service is provided to resolve the query related issues and it will be sorted in just couple of minutes. Here are a few advantages of contacting SBC Global Customer service Support.

Advantages of contacting SBC Global Customer Support:

  • 1. On-time resolution.
  • 2. Cost effective services.
  • 3. Well trained professionals for handling the problem.
  • 4. Immediate response time and least waiting time.
  • 5. 24 X 7 Customer service support accessibility.
  • 6. Toll-free calling.
  • 7. No further hidden terms and conditions.
  • 8. Appropriate assistance on how to avert the general problems.
Being a subsidiary to AT&T, SBC Global Email allows the users to access their AT&T email account with some additional features. Using every feature in one account is like a cherry on the cake where you can access all the features with lot of ease. SBC Global is one such platform where you can access and make use of every feature that is required while working, whether it comes to high speed internet, managing phone calls globally, and separate email for different people and other facilities as well.
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